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Sell your life insurance for a cash settlement.

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A life settlement is a process of selling an existing life insurance policy for a cash settlement. Many individuals opt for a life insurance settlement if they no either no longer want or need their policy anymore.

At Glenlia Settlements, we help life insurance policy owners discover the hidden value that may be locked away in their policies. Our life settlement professionals will help you determine whether or not you qualify for a life insurance settlement. Get in touch with our viatical settlement brokers today.

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“Glenlia Settlements helped me understand that there was value on my policy and I shouldn’t let it expire.

My annual payments kept getting higher and higher, but after filling out the paperwork, they helped me sell my policy and get a big cash settlement for it. I was impressed by their professionalism.”

Robert G. - June, 2020

I’ve been in this industry for decades and I can say that I love life settlement transactions. The commissions I’ve gotten from this are huge and they are so easy to do.

A week ago I helped one of my clients sell their $500,000 face value policy for $200,000, which made me an $18,000 commission.

Jeffrey M. - Insurance Agent

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