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Sell your Life Insurance Policy for Cash and live the retirement you’ve earned.

Life Insurance Policies, just like homes or vehicles, are legally considered property. A Life Settlement is the process of selling an existing Life Insurance Policy to a new owner for a substantial cash settlement. Many individuals opt for a Life Settlement when they no longer need their coverage, need money, or their cost of insurance has increased.

We help seniors around the country benefit from the true value of their Life Insurance, relieving them of having to pay costly premiums and preventing them from being forced to settle for less! 

Our service is of no upfront cost and of no obligation.

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“Glenlia Settlements helped me understand that my policy is my property, just like my home, and that I have the right to sell my property should I choose to.

My annual payments kept getting higher and higher as my wife and I aged into our 80s, but after filling out the paperwork, they helped me sell my policy and receive a large cash settlement. I was impressed by their professionalism and customer support. I always got a call back. Thank you.”

Robert G. - June, 2020

“As a career Life Insurance agent of over 30 years, many of my senior clients have opted to lapse or surrender their life insurance coverage, due to the increased costs of insurance. Before learning about Life Settlements, I did not have a valuable solution to provide my clients who wanted out of their policies. 

After partnering with Glenlia Settlements, I’ve been able to generate newfound value for my clients, made possible by Life Settlements. 

Jeffrey M. - Tampa Bay Area