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64% of Americans are not prepared for retirement.  Trump announced 2.3 billion in cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to help pay for tax breaks for corporations and the top 1%. 

15% of an average retiree’s annual expenses will be spent on healthcare.

1 in 5 Seniors depends on Social Security for 90% or more of their family income.  The average Social Security retirement benefit in June 2020 was about $1,514 per month.  The average disabled worker and aged widow received less.

If you made careful plans to develop a “Retirement Income Portfolio” that covers your “expected” living expenses that is great!

What if you are not prepared for an unexpected shock?  Now what?

Well, here is the good news!  You may have a hidden asset that you didn’t even realize.  Your life insurance policy.

For many qualified seniors, selling their life insurance policy can generate money that can be used for a financial disruption or for any reason they choose.  This transaction is called a life settlement.

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