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In modern society it is a sad but familiar tale of paying outrageous premiums to private insurance companies, only to realize how little they pay for in actual crises.

Most medical treatments are expensive, with cancer leading the way. People even have to sell off their homes and cars to get money for treatment. Even when you have expensive health insurance, in times of actual need, it may not pay for much.

However, just because your insurance won’t pay for much doesn’t mean there isn’t any other way to minimize medical expenses. With the rising medical bills, there are several other ways that are now available to everyone to fund these expenses.

Life settlement

Do you have a life insurance policy that you no longer need, is too expensive, or doesn’t benefit you anymore? If so, then it could benefit you with a life settlement. All you have to do is sell off the policy to a third party for up to 75 percent of the original policy value. The third party then becomes the beneficiary and starts paying premiums.

When you’re in need of urgent cash, selling off an insurance policy is a quick way to raise some money.


In the online realm, there is another way to raise some money as well as support, and that is crowdfunding. All you have to do is create a campaign online, and describe what you need help with and how much money you need all total.

Although this may take some time to pool in the funds, it actually works. Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe has no joining fees, and you get to keep all the money that you raise. Several people raise millions of dollars in funding for cancer care through crowdfunding.

Not-for-profit hospitals

Not many are aware there are around 3,000 not-for-profit hospitals across the country. If you find one such hospital near you, make sure to find out if any of their programs fit you or your loved one.

These and several other lesser known ways to raise money can help with medical bills. If you look in the right places, cancer care funding is available, even though it may take some effort and patience.