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Healthcare can be one of the biggest expenses and very difficult to prepare for.

  • A 65-year-old retired couple will need $285,000 for medical expenses in retirement.  This does not include the cost of long term care if needed.
  • On average, those 65 and older spend $3,800 per month with social security replacing about 40% of their working life income.
  • Medicare may pay for some healthcare but does not cover medications without a prescription drug plan.

Researchers found that medical costs double between the ages of 70 – 90.  The study also found that medical spending over the last year of an American’s life averaged $59,100 with 71% of this amount paid by Medicare, 10% Medicaid and leaving the rest of the 20% to the seniors and their families.

Despite carefully planning and saving many are not mentally or financially prepared for these expenses.  

Fortunately, you may have a hidden asset you are not aware of.  Did you know that you can get money for your life insurance policy?  Yep!  This is called a life settlement.  If you qualify you can get money to help relieve your medical expenses or for whatever you may want to use it for.

W are available to discuss details and qualifications.  Please contact Prosperity Life Settlements to learn more (800-591-2551).