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What is a Life Settlement?

A life settlement is a process of selling an existing life insurance policy for a cash settlement.

Since life insurance policies are considered private property, they can be extremely valuable assets.

The policy’s face value and premiums, as well as the insured’s age, sex, and health status, are the main factors that determine its potential value in the life settlement market.

The amount received for the sale of policy is generally greater than its cash surrender value but less than the face value. Once a policy is sold, the seller receives a lump-sum cash settlement, with the buyer assuming responsibility for all future premium payments, as well as becoming both the new owner and beneficiary of the policy.

A life settlement may be a better option than letting your policy lapse or surrendering it back to the insurance company.

Why should I sell my life insurance policy?

If you’ve ever asked yourself “should I sell my insurance policy?” you’re not alone.

Here are a few reasons why selling your universal life insurance policy makes sense.

Do I qualify for a life settlement?

If you are an insured over the age of 72, your life insurance policy may qualify for a life settlement!*

*Disclaimer: Calculations are not guaranteed and are subject to change based on personal and life insurance policy data collected during the life settlement process.

Find out if you qualify.

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Read some of our recent success stories.

I purchased a $1 million policy to provide income protection for my wife. After my health unexpectedly declined, I was forced to take early retirement. Without my income, the premiums on our policy became more difficult to afford. The policy had no cash value so we looked for an alternative to lapsing it. Glenlia Settlements was able to sell my life insurance policy for $130,000, which allowed me to alleviate some of our financial concerns and continue to provide me with the medical care I needed.

Mike T. - March, 2020

“I had a $500,000 life insurance policy. Due to increasing premiums, I was facing cash flow problems in my restaurant. I was forced to make the decision to either continue to support my restaurant or my life insurance policy. I was able to sell his policy and keep $138,000 in insurance coverage with no future premiums. I was able to put those funds previously used for my premium payments into my business.”

Bob A. - June, 2020

I had a $600,000 life insurance policy that I had taken out to provide for my wife and children. The increasing premium costs became unaffordable and I thought my only option would be to let the policy lapse. Then I learned from Glenlia Settlements that I could sell my policy and retain a portion of the death benefit. This was a win/win for me. I was able to keep $52,000 of life insurance coverage for my wife and children with no future premium payments.

Ron W. - September, 2020

“I purchased a Universal life insurance policy for estate planning needs and income protection. Due to changes in my estate, I no longer needed the same level of coverage and didn’t want to pay the ongoing premiums. I was going to let my policy go when I learned he was able to sell it through Glenlia Settlements. I received $59,200 for a policy where I would have otherwise received nothing.”

Geoff R. - February, 2020

“Glenlia Settlements helped me understand that there was value on my policy and I shouldn’t let it expire. My annual payments kept getting higher and higher, but after filling out the paperwork, they helped me sell my policy and get a big cash settlement for it. I was impressed by their professionalism and the ability to follow up with me.”

Robert G. - June, 2020

“I had a long term care policy that I had taken out years ago to help my family cover my ongoing medical expenses. I also owned a $500,000 life insurance policy. I no longer had the money to make premium payments on both the life insurance and my long term care policy.

I didn’t want my ongoing expenses to be a burden to my family. I did some research and learned that I was a candidate to sell my life insurance policy and receive a cash payment. I was able to sell my life insurance policy and use the cash payment of $65,500 to continue paying premiums on the long term care policy. My family was relieved that I would continue to receive the proper care that I deserve.”

Anne M. - June, 2020